Collection against cash payment:

Always possible in all GVS Offices. Please find further details in the GVS offices section (opening hours, parking, ...).

Shipping inside Estonia:

We ship precious metals with insurance hence you don`t have the risk of loss and theft. At the moment all products are on stock, therefore the transport will be initiated immediately after receiving the payment. After shipping your order, you will receive an email. You can follow the dispatching process with the help of the tracking number.

Transport costs including insurance + tracking number

9,90 € for an order up to 3.000,- €
15,90 € for an order up to 10.000,- €
19,90 € for an order up to 25.000,- €
0,00 € or an order up over 25.000,- €, we pay for shipping and insurance.

Please be aware that according to paragraph 17 (1) 3 of the Estonian Value-Added Tax Acts the following applies: Silver and platinum coins with a face value are only tax exempted on purchase/delivery within Estonia. This applies for all customers in Estonia. If you wish to organise the transport yourself, please add "Pickup from third party" in the Remark field. Please be aware: With shipping to other EU-countries the local taxes are applied. We do not ship to other EU countries outside of Estonia.

Details about the checkout process:

1. Order

You may order any time and day of the week. For inquiries we are available via phone and email during our opening hours.

2. Confirmation

You are guaranteed the price at the time of your order. Upon receipt your order, we confirm it automatically via email.

3. Bank wire or cash payment

You receive our dank details by mail (IBAN and BIC). Cash payment and pickup are possible in our Offices during the regular opening hours. After creating and sending the invoice by GVS your order will be considered confirmed.

4. Shipment

Shipment will be made immediately after receiving your money transfer by insured and registered parcel. Collection of all articles is constantly monitored (four eyes principle) and packaged video-monitorod. You will receive any email as soon as the dispatch completed.

5. Receipt of the order

When you receive your order, please check the intactness of the seals. The parcel is insured therefore you don't have any risk of loss and theft.